To think I was going to ride my road bike this morning, pssspht. #ssmbt #stayradadventureteam

2014 Huayhuash Film, Mountain Bike Adventure in Peru

Adjectives Fail.



photos* of and by thomas woodson, joey schusler, and sam seward biking the huayhuash mountain range in the peruvian andes. with a climb to over fifteen thousand feet, the route they planned for had only been completed once before by bicycle. as woodson puts it, riding a bicycle in this terrain at that altitude is “like pushing a wheelbarrow up a staircase while trying to breath through a drinking straw.”

*published in outside, yeticycles and their multimedia feature at bikemag.

Is this even real?

Baller. Straight up.

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Me. Trying to be cool.

Me. Trying to be cool.

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Salsa Bucksaw -Yep, I need one.

I concur.


A-Frame Cabin Getaway in Far Meadow Australia

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