Maah day hey. Hundred miles of bliss.

Ss, the best way to go.


Dropouts and chainstays for Randy’s disc cyclocross frame.  The dropouts include the disc brake mount.  You can adjust your chain tension for single speed and remove/install your rear wheel quickly without worrying about screwing up any adjustments.  You can also add a derailer hanger for use with gears.


To think I was going to ride my road bike this morning, pssspht. #ssmbt #stayradadventureteam

2014 Huayhuash Film, Mountain Bike Adventure in Peru

Adjectives Fail.



photos* of and by thomas woodson, joey schusler, and sam seward biking the huayhuash mountain range in the peruvian andes. with a climb to over fifteen thousand feet, the route they planned for had only been completed once before by bicycle. as woodson puts it, riding a bicycle in this terrain at that altitude is “like pushing a wheelbarrow up a staircase while trying to breath through a drinking straw.”

*published in outside, yeticycles and their multimedia feature at bikemag.

Is this even real?

Baller. Straight up.

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Me. Trying to be cool.

Me. Trying to be cool.

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Salsa Bucksaw -Yep, I need one.

I concur.